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Update 08.18.09

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 18th August 2009

It appears that my BCMSN exam will have to wait for an indefinite time. My mom’s condition has taken a turn for the worse and we are told she has only days to live. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctors have declared that it is terminal.

I’ll probably take a short break.

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CCNP Changes…

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 24th January 2009

This was brought to my attention this morning:


..Guess I don’t have to worry about the routing portion of the CCNP. I’ll just do it anyway. Just for fun 😀

Disclaimer: This is obviously an oversight on Cisco’s part. So please don’t go blaming me if you complete the 3 required tracks only to find out that you’re one short of attaining the CCNP. If you do, I’d just point my fingers at you and laugh. 😀

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Making a lot of noise – Changes in the CCIE R&S Written and Lab

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 14th January 2009

Who’s talking and what some think:

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It’s a BOY!!!!

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 4th December 2008

Just wanted to announce that we’re having another boy. Just found out about an hour ago. We all thought it was going to be a girl including my co-workers, my wife’s co-workers, friends, and family. But then again who can really predict? I’m pretty stoked because I’ve been hoping for another boy – another future all pro line-backer 😀 . Just kidding! I meant quarterback.  😀   😀 .

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Google 411!!!

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 14th November 2008

Why has no one told me about this before? This is nifty service is just the coolest!

Ok, so maybe I might be one of the few remaining clueless souls that don’t know about this Google 411 thing. But still someone out there, such as myself, can really benefit from a free service such as this. I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I had to contemplate whether or not to use 411 to find the nearest starbucks or order Costco pizza while on the road. Yeah, we’re kinda cheap frugal like that – especially in this economy 😉 .

By the way, it works too. I played around with it for a little bit and it’s pretty spot on. Good job Google!

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IPExpert Rebutts!!!

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 31st October 2008

It appears that IPExpert has something to say about all this hoopla with IEs big announcement. I did get the impression that the event yesterday was pretty big, based on how popular bloggers out there are talking about it. After watching the recorded webcast last night, I was pretty excited. And one of the first things I thought about was, what IPExpert will do to top this announcement… or at least quell some of the excitement that IE created for itself and bring the wave back to IPExpert’s side.

I gotta admit, I’m loving this whole thing. Last week, I actually downloaded the Tolly Group report that was referenced in the blog post. Guess what? That got me to lean towards IPExpert a little bit. But with IE’s announcement of incorporating a professional level certification training in their arsenal, I started leaning towards them because I have aspirations of going for my CCIE once I complete my CNCP studies. And it just seemed natural to continue with the same vendor with proven track record.

With all these competition between the camps involved and the heavy names/trainers in the industry that are involve as well, I have to think that no one can go wrong with what vendor they go with. The heightened competition is turning better products and quality trainings at good prices. This adds confusion to my decision-making when it comes time for me to select who to go with. But it’s a good confusion. Kinda like good-cholesterol/bad-cholesterol thing. Ok not a good analogy. 😀

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InternetworkExpert Announcement

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 30th October 2008

I just got back from… umm.. working, and checked my blog feeds for some news about the IE announcements. I had thought about registering for the webcast but thought better to wait until someone feeds me the info instead. 😀

So thanks to CCIE Pursuit and CCIE Journey for being the first few to alert me of the details of the announcements.

I’m happy to see that even though I missed the webcast, IE has the recording of the juicy details available for your viewing pleasure. I’m excited because I hear they will venture out to younglins like us who are just starting out in the world of Cisco by encompassing a CCNx training program as well. I would think it would make a good transition from CCNP to CCIE track in terms of training – that is if you prefer InternetworkExpert as a training vendor of choice. I’m feeling that IE is recognizing that there are people out there that are just as serious in their pursuit to gain their CCNP certs as much as there are serious candidates vying for their CCIE. Hopefully this would be a good thing for us CCNP candidates as it is for IE in terms of capturing more interested audience for using their products. In the end more customers for them, and better, more high-quality level of training for us.

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Note on Notes

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 6th October 2008

I know the notes have been coming far and few in between. I apologize to those who count on my detailed notes to help them on their studies. However, things have been exponentially busy and taking detailed notes have been very hard to do. That doesn’t mean that studying has stopped. In fact, I just about finished reading the 600+ pages of the BSCI Study Guide. So now I’m going back to where I stopped taking notes and slowly add more of them here. They will not be as quick and often as I used to do but I still plan to keep them coming. I’ve relied very heavily on them during my last 2 tests and they worked effectively for me. So I’ll try my hardest to keep them detailed.

Here’s a brief outline of what’s keeping my busy these days:

  • MRTG – I’ve been spending some good quality time with this very nice tool to monitor traffic loads on our routers. And the great thing about it is, it’s free. I’ve spent a good amount of time getting it setup on my Windows desktop as well as a linux setup dedicated for monitoring (more on this below).
  • SNMP – In order to really capitalize on the power of MRTG, one has to know SNMP fairly well. In fact, MRTG doesn’t work if SNMP doesn’t run properly. At least that’s my experience. So getting SNMP to work on our routers required some time to research, read, learn and implement. Somehow, getting it to work on our pix was also a bit of a challenge. But it works 😉
  • Linux – I’m as newbie as newbie can get when it comes to Linux. So bringing up a Linux environment from scratch and getting MRTG to run on it was quite a bit of a fun challenge. I’m finally able to get one to run Xubuntu on an old 600Mhz Pentium III laptop with 256MB of RAM. Oh the nice thing about it: mrtg runs after rebooting the machine without doing anything. I dont know how it does it but I’ll surely find out soon enough when I break and fix the machine again over time. I’m also trying to test out different distros with as small a footprint as can be especially with the amount of resources I have (un)available. So far, I’ve tried SliTaz and DSL but haven’t used them enough to give an intelligible opinion of them. Recently I’ve also been reading up on least resource-intensive ways of running dynagen/dynamips on linux. And I must say, I’m pretty excited about trying it out. They say you can run a small installation of linux and have 8-10 routers running without killing your machine. That sounds awesome and can’t wait until I can get it to work on my home computer.
  • Lastly and most importantly, did I mention that we are pregnant again? We are now 3 months in and the last couple of months have been especially hard. She has been tired all the time and was feeling sick for a good month or so. That also affected my studies because I had to take over most of her share of household duties such as cooking and baby-ing the little monster. But now she’s feeling better (’cause now she’s cooking again 😉 ). Which also means I get to study as close to my usual pace again. We’ll see how things develop.

As far as notes go, I’ll try to keep them coming, but if they don’t, you’ll know why. Or won’t.

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Somewhat OT: ‘Last Lecture’ computer-science professor Randy Pausch dies…

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 26th July 2008

I’ve heard about this professor a while back but I didn’t really know the extent of his “Last Lecture’s” popularity until I did some research. If you’re into inspirational talks and all, check out his video on youtube. It is over an hour long but it is well worth your time. I promise it’s not gonna be as dry as one your COD videos 😉 It has garnered almost 4million hits in the 8 months it’s been up. To me that’s pretty popular.

I thought the lecture itself was very poignant, in that it really gives one a view into the life of a person who only has 4-6 months to live, who knows it, and is willing to tackle it head on. It’s not one of those rah-rah motivational speeches (of which I have a few collections of) but it’s more of a auto-biography of how he achieved his childhood dreams in ways that we don’t always expect to achieve them. I even thought that the general theme that he touches upon can apply to all of our own goals and dreams – whether it be attaining the CCIE or making your first million in the next 3 years 😉

Yesterday, he passed away. May he rest in peace.

‘Last Lecture’ computer-science professor Randy Pausch dies
By Elizabeth Montalbano , IDG News Service , 07/25/2008

Randy Pausch, a computer-science professor who became internationally known for his inspiring “Last Lecture,” passed away in Chesapeake, Virginia, Friday after losing a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 47.

In an obituary issued by Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, where Pausch was a professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design, University President Jared L. Cohon said Pausch has had “an enormous and lasting impact” on the university community.

“He was a brilliant researcher and gifted teacher,” Cohon said. “Carnegie Mellon – and the world – are better places for having had Randy Pausch in them.”

Gabriel Robins, a computer-science professor at the University of Virginia and Pausch’s former colleague, called Pausch “a force of nature” in the obituary, and said it was no accident that people of all ages, cultures and religions flocked to him.

You can check out his web site here. including a few more videos. I assume the news of his death has brought lots of visitors to this site because it suddenly got so slow.

ABC also did an hour long interview with Diane Sawyer about his life. Follow the youtube series here.

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On the front page…

Posted by Aragoen Celtdra on 17th July 2008

Just thought it was… funny? 😀

Report: IT Admin Locks up San Francisco’s Network

A network administrator has locked up a multimillion dollar computer system for San Francisco that handles sensitive data and is refusing to give police the password, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.

The employee, 43-year-old Terry Childs, was arrested Sunday. He gave some passwords to police, which did not work, and refused to reveal the real code, the paper reported.

The new FiberWAN (Wide Area Network) handles city payroll files, jail bookings, law enforcement documents and official e-mail for San Francisco. The network is functioning but administrators have little or no access.

Childs, who remains in custody, is accused of improperly tampering with computer systems and causing a denial of service, said Kamala Harris, San Francisco’s district attorney, on Monday afternoon.

“The bail has been set at $5 million, and the exposure in this case if he were convicted on all counts would be seven years in prison,” Harris said.

Harris said it’s unknown why Childs tampered with the system. The Chronicle, however, reported that Childs was disciplined recently for poor performance. Childs worked in the Department of Technology for San Francisco, making close to US$150,000 a year, the paper reported.

City officials told the paper that Childs may have caused millions in damage while also rigging the network so that other third parties could monitor traffic, posing a huge data security risk. He is also alleged to have installed a tracing system to monitor communications related to his personnel case.

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